Israel first, US second at the end of the Maccabiah

The 19th Maccabiah oficially ended Tuesday night. For 10 days, athletes  from all over the world did their best to earn a gold medal, as well as a small  number of athletes with physical disabilities who competed in the first-ever para-Maccabiah events.

Israel won the most medals and  USA  delegation of more than 1000 ahtletes came in second. The Canadian, Australian and South African delegations were in the top five.

The Maccabiah is the third largest sporting event in the world. Olympic athletes   from Australia, Canada, the US, Chile and Israel participated in the games, raising the level of competition over the past 10 days. The farewell party of the Maccabiah was held on a stadium packed  with some 9,000 athletes and  supporters from over 70 countries, and included musical performace by Balkan Beat Box, Riff Cohen and Infected Mushroom.



Video: 80 Years of the Maccabiah

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