Book launch by Israeli writer Dorel Schor in Madrid

Friday, Febr. 15th 2013, Niram Art Publishing House organized the book launch “Adam’s Suit” by Israeli writer Dorel Schor, translated into Spanish by writer Fabianni Belemuski, director of Niram Art Magazine.

Dorel Schor is an Israeli humorist writer, journalist and art critic, member of the Association of Israeli Writers of Romanian Language . He collaborates with several Israeli magazines as well as  with magazines from the US, Spain and Romania. He published 6 books and is present in anthologies such as “5000 Years of Jewish Humour – A Subjective Anthology by Tesu Solomovici” (Bucharest, 2002, Tesu Publishing House) or “The Challenged Generation” /Solo Har-Herescu, Bucharest 1997,  Hasefer). In 2012, he published two new books “All shows are unique” (HaSefer) and “Smile, tomorrow it will be worse” (24 Ore).

Writers and literary critics gave their opinions on the book, during the launch held at Espacio Niram Café in Madrid, among them Héctor Martínez Sanz, Diego Vadillo López, artist Bogdan Ater, art adviser Antonio Calderón de Jesús and the translater, Fabianni Belemuski.

Dorel Schor, Niram Art

Prologue by Héctor Martínez Sanz

Foreword by Diego Vadillo López

Book Cover and caricatures by  Constantin Ciosu

Niram Art Publishing House

Video: here

Dorel Schor, El Traje de Adán – Apreciaciones

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