Romanian and Jewish Avant-gardists









The International Conference

Bucharest – Zürich – Paris – Tel Aviv:

Romanian and Jewish Avant-gardists

in the Romanian Cultural Milieu

Tristan Tzara visto por Robert Delaunay

Tristan Tzara, portrait by Robert Delaunay

May 26th – 27th, 2011, Romanian Academy Library

“Ion Heliade Radulescu” Hall, 125 Calea Victoriei, Bucharest

May 26th, 2011

10.00–Opening messages:

Prof. Ioan Pânzaru, Rector, University of Bucharest

Acad. Marius Sala, Vicepresident, Romanian Academy

H. E. Livio Hürzeler, Ambassador of Swiss Confederation  at Bucharest

Horia-Roman Patapievici, President, Romanian Cultural Institute

1st Panel „The Zürich Insurection” – the Romanian avant-gardists of Cabaret Voltaire

Chair: Andrei Oisteanu, University of Bucharest, The „Goldstein-Goren” Center of Hebrew Studies; Romanian Academy, The Institute for the History of Religions

10.40–11.00 Ion Pop, „Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj: Recitind manifestele dadaiste ale lui Tristan Tzara (Re-reading Tristan Tzara’s Dadaist Manifestos)

11.00–11.20 Christine Vogel, University of Zürich: Tristan Tzara si Marcel Iancu: între elan de distrugere si activitati constructive (Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco: Between the Demolition Impetus and Constructive Activities)

11.20–11.40 Adrian Notz, Director, ”Cabaret Voltaire”, Zürich: An Oriental Looking Deputation of Four Little Men: The Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire

11.40 – 12.00 Discussions

12.00–12.30 Coffee break

12.30–14.00 The opening of the exhibition „Roots and Echoes of the Avant-garde in the Prints Collections of the Romanian Academy Library”. Presenting: Magda Cârneci, editor-in-chief of the publication „Arta” and Catalina Macovei, Head, Prints and Drawings Cabinet of the Romanian Academy Library. Prints and drawings (M. Janco, V. Brauner, M.H. Maxy, J. Perahim etc.), first editions and  publications of the Romanian Avant-garde movement will be exhibited. Alexandru Solomon and Radu Igazsag’s documentary movies „The Zürich Chronicle” and „A Cry in the Eardrum” will be presented as well.

14.00–16.00 Lunch break

2nd Panel: The Jewish Dimension of the Avant-garde in Romania

Chair: Anca Oroveanu, National University of Arts, Bucharest; New Europe College

16.00–16.20 Radu Stern, Musée d’Elysée, Lausanne: Jews and the Avant-garde: The Case of Romania

16.20–16.40 Magda Cârneci, editor-in-chief, „Arta”: Evreii din avangarda româneasca ( The Jews of the Romanian Avant-garde)

16.40–17.00 Mariuca Stanciu, University of Bucharest, The „Goldstein-Goren” Center of Hebrew Studies; Romanian Academy Library: Text si  imagine: o cale ignorata  de la traditia masoretica la avangarda (Text and Image: The Unknown Road from Masoretic Tradition to the Avant-garde)

17.00–17.20 Coffee break

17.20–17.40 Tom Sandquist, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm: Synthetism vs. Stylistic Purity: Aspects of Jewish Influence on Central and East European Modernism

17.40–18.00 Camelia Craciun, University of Bucharest, The „Goldstein-Goren” Center of Hebrew Studies; FCER – The Center for the Study of the History of Romanian Jews: Contesting the Canon: Romanian Jewish Intellectuals and the Avant-garde

18.00–18.30 Discussions

19.30 Reception party offered to the conference participants by H. E. Livio Hürzeler, Ambassador of Swiss Confederation at Bucharest

May 27th, 2011

3rd Panel: Politics, Religion and Art in the Romanian Avant-garde

Moderator Chair: Michael Finkenthal, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

10.00–10.20 Irina Carabas, Romanian Academy, Institute for the History of Art: M.H. Maxy: Corsi e ricorsi în viata unui artist de avangarda (M.H. Maxy: Corsi e Ricorsi in the Life of an Avant-garde Artist)

10.20–10.40 Milly Heyd, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Religion-Sacrilege: Reuven Rubin, Victor Brauner, Arthur Segal & Tristan Tzara

10.40–11.00 Valentina Iancu, The National Museum of Art of Romania: „La révolution d’abord et toujours”: politica suprarealista – grupul Alge si comunismul (La révolution d’abord et toujours”: The Surrealist Politics – The „Alge” Group and Communism)

11.30–11.15 Discussions

11.15–11.30 Coffee break

4th Panel: Marcel Janco: The Multiple Facets of a Complex Avant-gardist

Chair: Andrei Cornea, University of Bucharest, The „Goldstein-Goren” Center of Hebrew Studies

11.30–11.50 Geo Serban, literary historian, Bucharest: Marcel Iancu: avangardistul constructor (Marcel Janco: The Avant-gardist Constructor)

11.50–12.10 Augustin Ioan, The „Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism: Avangarda drept resursa pentru arhitectura de azi (The Avant-garde as a Resource for Today Architecure)

12.10–12.30 Vlad Solomon, writer, Tel Aviv: Marcel Janco: Jewish Identity and Zionism

12.30–13.00 Discussions

13.00–15.00 Lunch break

5th Panel: The Literary and Existential Expressions of the Avant-garde

Chair: Mariuca Stanciu, University of Bucharest, The „Goldstein-Goren” Center of Hebrew Studies; Romanian Academy Library

15.00–15.20 Michael Finkenthal, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore: Identity Issues among the Jewish Authors Belonging to the Second Wave of the Romanian Avant-garde – the Case of the Group Formed Around the Publication Alge (Sea-weeds): Gherasim Luca, Dolfi Trost, Paul Paun, a.o.

15.20–15.40 Petre Raileanu, literary critic, Paris: Grupul suprarealist român sau calea catre trans-surréalisme (The Romanian Surrealist Group or the Path Towards Trans-surrealism)

15.40–16.00 Andrei Oisteanu, University of Bucharest, The „Goldstein-Goren” Center of Hebrew Studies; Romanian Academy, The Institute for the History of Religions: Podul Mirabeau si sinuciderea în Sena: Paul Celan si Gherasim Luca (The Suicide in the Seine from the Mirabeau Bridge: Paul Celan and Gherasim Luca)

16.00–16.20 Coffee break

16.20–16.40 Cyril Aslanov, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Paul Celan: From the Dismantling of the Poetic Discourse to the Deconstruction of the German

16.40–17.00 Marlena Braester, Haifa University: Ilarie Voronca – un poet futurist? (Ilarie Voronca – A Futurist Poet?)

17.00–17.30  Discussions

Conference Coordinators:

Andrei Oisteanu,

Mariuca Stanciu

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